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Drawing is the foundation of all my work and thinking. From doodling on the back of a phone directory to detailed studies of buildings, drawing acts as a quick versatile tool to enhance my understanding of the world.

Sometimes I'll wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning with a creative idea. An idea that cannot wait to be thrown over the nearest canvas and won't let you go back to sleep. But to save waking the whole house up with energetic brush strokes and to give myself some sanity I'll draw it instead. Drawing is great, whether I work with a lump of charcoal or happen to stumble across a stray eye pencil, it's the quickest way of getting creative stuff out of my head. Drawing is also good for memory and discipline; some of my best drawings are made by not even looking at the paper. (The results from this method are vey comical, especially when drawing people.)

Whatever subject matter I am drawing, like with my painting I get a lot of freedom from what I am doing.

Sketch Book 1

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